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                                                                 2013 Knothole Baseball 


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Director: Derick Hutchinson

Bedford Knothole Baseball Ages 15-18

Hello Knothole Nation! My name is Derick Hutchinson and I am the director of 3B's Knothole Division. The 2013 season will be my first as director, but I have coached Knothole teams for the past three years and really appreciate the special opportunities that this league provides for our players and coaches. I am a student at the University of Michigan and I have been involved in 3B Baseball for about 14 years; playing here as a kid and working here during high school.

3B Baseball has grown into one of the best community baseball leagues around. Few youth leagues are fortunate enough to have a park of 6 fields with dugouts and 2 with stadium lighting. Each team in the league gets to play multiple games throughout the course of the season under the lights. My players have always considered this one of the coolest things 3B has to offer, and even as a coach I get caught up in how lucky we are to be playing at night like the pros.

Knothole is also exciting because of the level of competition it provides. Last year, the league had players of freshman, JV, or Varsity baseball teams from Whitmer, Start, Ida, Whiteford, and of course Bedford, among others. That being said, this league is by no means reserved for serious players. I have personally coached multiple players each year that were trying baseball for the first time in Knothole and watched them grow and have success throughout the course of a season.

The Knothole Division is for players ages 15-18 (ages prior to May 5th, 2013). The season starts in early June and runs into early August, consisting of 14-18 regular season games and two tournaments (midseason and post-season). In the past, Knothole has played most of its games on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday, but it is also the division with the most variance in scheduling and teams may have a few games on other days of the week.

A few changes were made last year that should be taken into account. Players that meet the age requirement for Colt but are High School Freshmen have the choice to play in either league, but NOT BOTH. Also, for safety reasons, all bats must by BBCOR certified to use in league play. Finally, teams MUST bat their entire lineup.

For returning coaches and players, there will just be a few differences in the league this year. As the new director, I have some standards that I want to make clear for the upcoming season. While you will have heard several times already that there is a zero-tolerance policy for bad sportsmanship, understand that I take this seriously and the rules will be strictly enforced. I know that the games can get emotional, but the only way to actually improve the sportsmanship in the league is to hold everyone responsible with no exceptions. Also, while there is a period of leniency after the season has begun when kids can join the league late, there will be a deadline during the season when there will be no more additions for any reason. I admit I run a tight ship, but I hope there won't be any issues this year, and I thank you for your interest in this division of 3B Baseball.

If you have any questions for me regarding the league feel free to contact me directly. I look forward to another exciting season of Knothole baseball this summer.



Thanks to all of our sponsors and patrons of
3B Baseball.